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PT Falvic Teknologi Indonesia provides manufacturing of automation
machines/system, inspection, assembly, sorting, laser marking, packing, based on:
 – PLC
 – Microcontroller
 – Robotic
 – Pneumatic
 – Electro-Pneumatic
 – Hydraulic


Project Automation & Service Xray


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Collaboration robot is a type of robot that can work together with human without risk
of injury. PT Falvic Teknologi Indonesia cooperate with Aubo Collaboration Robot
Company as a system integrator

PT Falvic Teknologi Indonesia serves Design, PCB maker and electronic repairing such as: PCB troubleshooting & repair, Machine PCB card, Xray Machine Module, Xray generator control board, Power Supply, Variable Speed Drive, Controller, Etc.

PT Falvic Teknologi Indonesia provides control panel such as: Automation Control Panel, Power Pack Panel, DOL and Star-Delta Panel, Windlass Panel, Steering Gear Panel, Distribution Panel, Etc.

PT Falvic Teknologi Indonesia supply part & equipment solution such as: Industrial Components, Safety Solutions, Automation System, Sensing Solutions, Auto Identification Systems, Tester Equipment, General Parts, Etc.

We are your trusted parter in Automation, Program PLC & Service Xray

PT Falvic Teknologi Indonesia is a leader in providing value-added system to our customers by
creating a successful partnership with them throughout the servicing. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team.